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フードはABP(アルケミスト バーガー プロジェクト)のジョッシュさんが作るハンバーガーといろんなサイドディッシュです。



Thanks for waiting everyone. We’re back from our little hiatus with all new beers, all new burgers and all new 8 tracks, and boy do we have some doozies I don’t mind telling you!

Beers on tap are going for 600 yen apiece.
Bottle beers for 800 yen

Shop-roasted coffee and homemade rosemary, lemon and honey soda also available. That’s just one soda with the three different flavors. Not three different sodas.

Josh from ABP (Alchemist Burger Project) will be gracing us with his presence, burgers and donuts!

On the old 8 track player, we’ll be playing some Beatles best-ofs from seedy purveyors of unauthorized content Audio Tape Inc. and E-C Tape Service.

As notorious as it was successful, Audio Tape Inc.’s 4-volume set from 1972, “Beatles Alpha Omega”, takes the novel approach of organizing 60 Beatles tracks roughly in alphabetical order. Brilliant idea!

E-C Tape Service’s less successful “The Story of the Beatles” from 1973 sensibly splits the catalog chronologically into 6 easy-to-digest volumes; [The Early Beatles], [The Progressive Beatles], [The Evolutionary Beatles], [The Revolutionary Beatles], [The Contemporary Beatles] and [On Their Own]. Far more elusive than Alpha Omega, we’ve sadly only managed to snag 3 of the 6 volumes.

So if you feel like your life’s going NOWHERE MAN, GET BACK to Konkret and COME TOGETHER with some like minded individuals, or SOMETHING! Only a FOOL ON THE HILL would miss it!